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Parent Support

Informative webinars for parents, carers and guardians


Practical Strategies for Parents: How to manage my child's mental health

Are you the parent of an 11-18-year-old? Would you like some strategies on how to manage your child's mental health?

In this webinar, Rachel share her top tips, techniques, and strategies for parents to support their children to maintain good mental health. Rachel has lots of experience working with parents and addresses the most popular parent queries and common concerns that many parents share.


A few topics covered include:

- How can I differentiate between teenage hormones and poor mental health in my child?

- What are the signs and symptoms of poor mental health?

- How can I build resilience in my child?

- How can I build my child's self esteem?

- Parenting styles and the impact on child mental health

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

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After a Meal

Managing Mealtimes: Supporting a Child with Eating Issues

This webinar aims to:


- Provide psychoeducation on eating issues and help parents to understand their child's behaviours 

- Give advice on how to resolve conflict at the dinner table

- Give examples of helpful and unhelpful dialogue when encouraging your child to eat.

- A Q&A

Approaching Sensitive Conversations with Children

Parenting a child who is struggling with their mental health can be so challenging. Parents often wonder whether they've said 'the right thing', what to say, and how, when, and where to say it.

Would you like clear advice and guidance on how to initiate sensitive conversations with your child?

Would it be helpful to know what NOT to say and why certain phrases can hinder rather than help an already challenging situation?

Rachel has nearly a decade's experience working with both parents and children and supporting parents in helping their children.

Sign up today for some clear strategies on how to help your child and increase your confidence during those difficult conversations.

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