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Events and Workshops

Informative webinars for parents, carers and guardians

Supporting my Child's Mental Health: Top Tips for Parents

The seminar includes:


- Advice on spotting the signs and symptoms of poor mental health

- Setting boundaries with your teenager

- Building resilience and self esteem in your child

- a Q&A

Family Walking

Approaching Sensitive Conversations with Children

After a Meal

Managing Mealtimes: Supporting a Child with Eating Issues

This webinar aims to:


- Provide psychoeducation on eating issues and help parents to understand their child's behaviours 

- Give advice on how to resolve conflict at the dinner table

- Give examples of helpful and unhelpful dialogue when encouraging your child to eat.

- A Q&A

Beat the January Blues: Managing your mental health in challenging times

This webinar aims to:

- Depict the 'Five Most Common Covid Mindsets' and how to manage them effectively to minimise the impact on your mental health.

-Introduce the 'Five Point Plan' to manage your mental health and suggest ways you can implement this into your daily routine.

- A Q&A section giving the audience an opportunity to ask any questions relating to improving their mental health.

Young Man in Therapy
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